New: Wifi at Limitless Health Potentials

Although, we do not have long waits at Limitless Health Potentials we are set on making the short waits even shorter. Bring your iPod Touch, Laptop, or other wifi compatible device along with you to your appointment and gain access to our High-Speed DSL Guest internet connection. Due to our recent network upgrades, we are able to provide you with this new useful service. On your next trip to our office look for the Guides located on the wall that say “Guest WiFi Complimentary” and follow the simple instructions to connect. When connecting look for the Network name “LHP_GUEST” and use the pass-phrase located on our connection guide. It is that simple! Then use our wifi to listen to music, browse your favorite sites, get some work done, or kick back relax and do it all.


Yoga Nidra Chakra Workshops

The FUN™ Guide to Advance Relaxation. Refresh yourself with rest, mental imagery and learn how to balance your Chakra Energy – in only 1 hour!