OCCUPY Inner Peace:

How we get into CONFLICT and How we get OUT: A Talk with Christine Pihl-Gibson

What is CONFLICT? (Is inner conflict the disintegrating factor?)

Gain: Pleasure& comfort, Attention, Approval, Feeling of Importance

Escape: Pain, Rejection, Disapproval, Feeling Inferior

Do we even RECOGNIZE conflict? Why bother getting out? Can it be fun?

What is the Master Decision we made that began the cycle of conflict?

What simple actions can we take to live free of Inner CONFLICT?

Are we skilled in being Miserable—in spite of our opportunities and good fortune?

What new SKILLS can we practice to give up misery and

Occupy Inner Peace? (ready?)

Included: Each person will receive a CD which begins the practice we discuss.

Please join us on Friday January 7th from 6:00 to 7:30 PM for an event that will challenge your thinking and perhaps change your life for 2012! (doubt, depression, defiance, and humor WELCOME !)

Registration: 5:30 Cost: $25 (or donation) Food & Beverages Provided


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