Holidays are on the way! Are you ready for a little R&R?

Cora, local master Restorative Yoga Teacher gave us a look at how important it is to slooooooooow dooooooown every once in a while to purify our thoughts (not that they aren’t pure but to sharpen our attention to what we are thinking about), relax our muscles (we can stop doing even for a moment) and restore what the stress of the holidays are depleting from our internal fuel tank know as the mindbody. This past Saturday Cora paired us up and taught us how to be gentle, confident, givers, and open, willing receivers. Connecting in a yoga class through breath, movement, and spirit—connecting with each other in the group class provides an excellent way to take a little retreat and refresh during this holiday season.

Why wait until New Year’s to set intentions for self care? Starting a personal practice now keeps your health plans on the forefront and will keep you feeling confident and happy. And if you are hell bent on going of the deep end; in other words, you plan on cheating regarding your food, drug, alcohol, or spending; have no fear! Inquire about the Detox or Die Purification program inspired by the Incas as we prepare for the end of the Mayan Calendar on 12/21.