New Year New You! 4 Days until the annual Women’s Ceremony!

Time to create, update, or renew those vision boards and say YES to all the Limitless Potentials you want.  They are already happening.  Just break yourself free from destructive ways of thinking, speaking, and behaving that keep the emotional currents flowing.

Know matter how long you have been trapped in a rut remember you can break free.  Join the Ageless and Limitless Women for this ceremony of ritual to learn how to embrace this year of opposites…do something different..NOW (Notorious Outstanding Women).  NOW is about learning how creating healthy rituals, intentions, and a vision board helps you break the stuck energy of dis-ease into ease.  By changing beliefs and becoming part of a community of women shift happens.

The ceremony is this Friday from 6-9PM.  Call to register and to find out how to prepare for this journey into the new year.  It is almost February!

Remember what the Glimmer Twins said:  Time waits for on one.  And it won’t wait for thee.