Spring is in the Air!

Believe it or not Spring is around the corner!  And after you celebrate the love of yourself and others on Valentine’s Day…how about a little R & R:  Refresh and review your intentions for 2014.

Rishi returns to support your commitment to self care using the healing tools of yoga (no experience necessary).  Whether you are new to yoga, or missed the last workshop, attending this program will help your jumpstart your practice as we prepare for Spring.

Also Dr. Kathy just spent a week immersion training with renown teacher trainer Judith Lasater to deepen her understanding of how daily stress affects emotional and physical balance. Find out how relaxing and reclining in talk therapy cultivates an opportunity to release, let go, and rewrite your life story one chapter at a time.  Using props to support the body, breathing exercises, and imagery, restorative yoga therapy provides relief for chronic pain, addictive cravings, mood imbalance,  a variety of chronic health concerns.

Bye for now!  Dr. Kathy


Yoga Nidra Chakra Workshops

The FUN™ Guide to Advance Relaxation. Refresh yourself with rest, mental imagery and learn how to balance your Chakra Energy – in only 1 hour!