The holidays are here!

Self care is very important during this time of year that we dedicate for others.  If you are not involved in therapy, or a support group, now is the time to consider this as the holidays always bring up emotions.  Consider a yoga class, or some form of exercise like walking, biking, hiking anything that brings you close to nature.  For those of us in South Florida who live on the East or West Coast, the water is very soothing, and others like you will be out there doing the same: walking, running, or biking.  I myself like to drive up to the beach and just sit there and drink my cup of coffee (OMG I know in some circles caffeine is not ok), and either walk or just look at the ocean.  So please know not every one has a “Norman Rockewell” portrait of a family this holiday season and why wait until January 1 to set new intentions.  Start now so you do not numb out or do things to harm your health and well being…be cool, be nice, be safe, and have fun this holiday season.


Yoga Nidra Chakra Workshops

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