Are you aware this is Trauma awareness month? Especially in Florida!

Hello!  In case you did not, you are have heard or have been impacted in some way by the recent tragedies in Florida. What is not being talked about which is typical in stressful times is who is being called (if anyone) to provide the mental health services that are desperately needed for the trauma survivors, families, and others impacted by these horrific events.  What is also not being addressed is what are the qualifications of a “trauma therapist”? Who is “qualified” to treat acute recent or what is called “Type 1 Trauma” or a series or traumatic event that “triggers” a series of traumatic events known as “Type 2 Traumas”.  A trauma expert/therapist is a licensed clinician in mental health is someone who minimally has a college degree in social work, psychology, or a similar clinical behavioral health program; has completed an internship in a psychiatric or health (psychiatric, addiction, emergency) accredited facility; has been supervised by a “qualified” supervisor, and has obtained specialty trauma training such as in EMDR, DBT, etc.  If you are a person seeking help for trauma related issues, addiction, mood disorders, or other stress related concerns (anger management) it is important to inquire what experience, education, and training, the licensed clinician that is providing services has for these complex issues that involve this thing called life. Ask to see a resume, a copy of their license to practice, how long they have been providing these services, what ages, cultures, gender, and modality of services they provide (group, individual, family).  You may also be interested if they are an author, a researcher, or a faculty member who written articles, taught courses, or if they have given presentations on the issues for which you are seeking services.  In other words…check out the person from whom you are seeking services!  And if you have or know this psychotherapist please provide feedback how helpful you found the psychotherapy services, yoga, and training services your were provided at Limitless Potentials, Inc.


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