Yoga for coping and healing from Cancer, Trauma, Depression, Family Discord, Anger Management and extreme stress.

Life can be difficult at times and when it is there are tools that can help.  Research, neuroscience, and countless self help books validate that unresolved, repressed, even events that have been “dealt with” in psychotherapy often endure.  Symptoms can range from chronic fatigue, mood swings, anxiety and panic attacks, physical pain, and “numbing out” behaviors.  In addition to talk therapies, getting the body on board in the healing journey with movement such as yoga, walking, swimming, dancing, in a private session or group fitness class is not only helpful, but actually quite healthy for anti-aging, weight control, improving confidence, balance, flexibility and just practicing being in your breathing body!

Dr.  Kathy


Yoga Nidra Chakra Workshops

The FUN™ Guide to Advance Relaxation. Refresh yourself with rest, mental imagery and learn how to balance your Chakra Energy – in only 1 hour!