How to be a better you without changing a thing!

Doesn’t that sound great?  I was reading in the July/August Daily Word this morning and this is an article by Sam Bennet.  He writes about “Deb”, a person who wants to be more peaceful, a life filled with laughter, etc yet every day she is exhausted, stressed out, and overwhelmed.  Sound familiar?  He goes on to say she gets everything done for everybody else but the things that matter most to her fall off the list completely.  She feels she has no time to devote to the things she likes to do, as that would be selfish. Still sound familiar?  Can relate a little?

Well the author goes on to say not only is she wrong, but what is truly selfish about her is that while she is walking around all stressed out we have to deal with her anger, resentment, guilt, and when she shows up to us like that she is not much fun, and we may even want to avoid her which in turn makes us feel guilty and stressed out.  When “Deb”, “Steve”, whomever, shows up rested, fed, calm, happy, they bring that vibration and show up so we can embrace that version of themselves fully present, and able to listen and be there for us too!  They are calmer, and can have a sense of humor about things.  Truly when “Deb & “ Steve” are making self-care a priority it is the opposite of selfish.

So!  This is our responsibility!  To make the time and put our self care #1 on our things to do.  Here are some tips for you to start doing (there are many others and maybe you are already doing them:  1)  before you even get out of bed in the morning say something to you…this can be in the form of a word, prayer, phrase…  2) after you go to the bathroom (we all need to go when we get up)  close your eyes and decide what you are doing to do for you before you start your day (no kids, no email, texting, etc).  This could be going for a walk, bike ride, yoga, use the hula hoop, jump rope, walk the dog (your pet will always want to do what you do!), something for you.  3)  Once you complete this acknowledge what you accomplished for your self this morning (this is like a nice pat on the back—good job gesture).  Then start your day….then sometime later stop and think about what you are grateful for in your life, and see something beautiful around you (sky, bird, flower).  Then repeat this for 21 one days (to create a habit of taking care of you and making you number 1).  And notice the results of your efforts…


Then of course if you want to really be adventurous and have FUN- the Belly Dancing workshop is this weekend, July 8th!  What ever you do have a great 4th of July and be free!


Dr. Kathy


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