Understanding Chakras (Part 1 of 3)

Chakras are Prana or Energy that flows through the spinal column. When the chakra is cleared, Prana moves freely without obstruction. Yoga is a practice that unites the mindbody and breath where the purifying movements burn stored up tension. Emotions, whether you are conscious of them or not, motivate behaviors. Fear, safety, sadness, relief, anger, revenge, enjoyment and self expression, are all characteristics that tend to unknowingly reveal themselves when the emotions go underground.

Science Behind Understanding Chakras

The energy centers of the chakra system are more than just your thoughts, emotions, or physical body. There is also psychological and spiritual energy interwoven into muscular tension known as an “energy aura” and it’s around each one of us. Emotions like anger, love, and frustration change the way your heart beats. Your heart communications information about your emotions up to your brain and then throughout your entire body using an electromagnetic field (a field of force that consists of both electric and magnetic components, resulting from the motion of an electric charge and containing a definite amount of electromagnetic energy).

This electromagnetic movement of energy within the human body is what makes up the chakras, or force center, of spiritual energies that form in the main nerve plexus of the spine. These natural energy vortexes are impacted by life’s experiences. When the energy gets trapped, old emotional and mental tensions intercept and direct your life behavior.

This is why Yogi’s (and some therapists) often talk about Chakras. A well-designed yoga practice releases this trapped psychological energy and connects you to spiritual energy opening the door to forgiveness, understanding, and acceptance.

The blog post is part of a 3-part series on Understanding Chakras and how to put them into practice to promote good physical and emotional health. We also offer an accompanying workshop that combines YogaFun™ Nidra (sleep yoga) with a specific Chakra for each month. See below for class times and dates.

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Yoga Nidra Chakra Workshops

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