New Year — New Habits

Visuals and being held accountable to yourself always adds strength to the mission…and remember…it takes as much effort to create a new healthy self-care habit as it does to keep doing what isn’t…huh?  Think about that! This is from one of the women from one my groups:

I hope you had an enjoyable holiday. Since a new year is approaching and many people like to start fresh, I thought I would share something that I do when I want to begin a new habit or hobby.

I track my progress of the new habit using something called, “A Year in Pixels.” For instance, if I want to practice piano or start exercising, I color in the ‘pixel’ for that day. Over the course of a month, (and eventually the year) I can see how many days I dedicated to the habit of practicing or exercising.

You can Google, “Habit Trackers” or “A Year in Pixels.” A lot of people create theirs in their Bullet Journals but I attached a picture of my own that I started in October.

I also have a blank PDF version of one I created in Excel, in case any of you want to give it a try. Click Here to Download it.

The trackers in my photo are smaller (and one is landscape, the other portrait) than the blank one I’m sending, so if you are interested, I can send you a smaller version. Just email me.

Take care ladies! See you in January!

Also it is still possible to enjoy New Year’s in Times Square…virtually!  And to start off with your intentions blasting when the ball drops you can submit your wishes on the Times Square Alliance’s virtual wishing wall at: or through social media using #ConfettiWish.  Some 100,000 of these hopes and dreams will be printed on colored confetti that will fall over Times Square as the clock strikes midnight!
May all of your wishes and dreams come true!
Dream On!
Love, Dr. Kathy
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