What is Mental Imagery?

Mental imagery, sometimes called visualization, is the language used by the mind to communicate with the body.  According to Dr. Gerald Epstein, Founder and Director of The American Institute for Mental Imagery, mental imagery is the mind speaking to us in pictures. This ancient, self-empowering, healing tool can be used on your own or with the help of a trained, clinical professional.  Different from hypnosis, instead of being placed in trance, which can open you to the suggestion of others, mental imagery enlivens you and opens the doors to the inner expert that already exists inside of you, enabling you to become happy, healthy, and whole…on your own.  This portable tool builds confidence and teaches you to be your own authority. While using mental imagery, you feel relaxed on the outside, yet more awake and alert on the inside.  You open the door to being more awake, and in control.

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