What is Yoga and how is it used in therapy?

Yoga is a practice that means many things to different people. In the past 30 years, pioneers in the research of traumatic stress and yoga therapy have challenged the limitations of talk therapy. The cutting edge of behavioral therapies today requires experts to develop integrative techniques such as the use of breathing and movement.  These “prescribed” techniques address the unique needs of individuals seeking psychotherapy. The delivery of holistic and somatic therapies need to be continually examined and updated to complement the psychosocial and developmental stages of the person seeking help.  Yoga practices on and off the mat direct the mind to empty of disturbing, repetitive thoughts, and relax the body which in turn holds stress and reactivity as seen in body posture. The combination of psychotherapy, neuroscience, and movement provides clients with practices that can be done daily.  Clients discover that over time these can increase self-reliance, balance moods, and intention setting.

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