Therapist Services Provided

Here Change is Limitless


    Dr. Shafer integrates a unique blend of clinical and somatic therapies into the psychotherapy session. She is an experienced therapist in Jupiter, Florida.

  • The Fun™ Program

    By practicing the Fun™ approach to healing, the mind will reveal its power to generate physical health and emotional well-being. Try this break through therapy approach invented by Dr.Kathryn C. Shafer.


    You will have the opportunity to reflect on and gain new insight into your life, determine what changes if any may be helpful, and the steps to take to make this happen. Individual therapy is available daily by appointment at her Jupiter office.

  • Group Therapy

    Dr. Shafer leads group therapy for women, and persons in recovery from the addictions. Join her Group Therapy session in her Jupiter Office!


    In her couples, relationship, family, and parenting therapy sessions, Dr. Kathy examines the events, crises, and behavioral health habits that have been established over time that are affecting the marriage, relationships, or the entire family system.


    Everybody can benefit from getting support, and suggestions on how to reinvent, create, or declare a new direction in life to accomplish results in the present.

  • Remote Therapy SESSIONS

    Keep in touch from anywhere with remote therapy session! Dr. Shafer uses the latest technology to be there for you when you need her. All remote sessions are encrypted and fully HIPAA compliant.