Everybody can benefit from getting support, and suggestions on how to reinvent, create, or declare a new direction in life to accomplish results in the present.  As a private life coach, licensed and seasoned therapist in Jupiter, Dr. Shafer listens very carefully to all you want to tell her, and helps you identify "why" certain behavioral patterns keep appearing, and "how" to establish goals to end this. Additionally, she will provide guidance to help you target what matters most for you to focus on now. Her approach to coaching in each session emphasizes mindful self-regulation skills, and attention for objectives and solutions that will work in the client’s daily life.  Putting on this “spot light”, together you and Dr. Shafer will utilize her expertise as a life coaching to prioritize and determine what action is needed to obtain results now.

Home of Fun™ Therapy

Fun™ Therapy offers choices and alternatives in every session. Moreover, it is meant to examine and explore habitual ways of responding to stress through movement, standing and balancing postures, and breathing exercises to calm the mind and relax the body. The Fun™Therapy group and private classes offer individually "prescribed" practices for everyone.  The type of postures, use of props, and what to practice is prescribed for each individual person. Age, lifestyle, diet, and fitness history, are all considered for safety, user-friendliness (FUN!).

Yoga Nidrā defined again

Yoga nidrā is an ancient science of complete relaxation that systematically awakens one’s greatest potential and reveals an ever-present, unwavering state of inner peace. Through the deepest levels of physical, mental, and emotional rest, this transformative practice facilitates the release of the source of tensions, unsupportive patterns and behaviors, acquired conditioning and self-limiting beliefs. In this deeply receptive state, one also has the capacity to imprint new ideas on the mind, securing intentions at the deepest level, to create a resonance that generates a stream of new thought patterns and actions.

Entering the deepest state of yoga nidrā invites the realization of one’s essential nature as the very source of peace, limitless and free.


The science of Yoga Nidrā is used to heal and treat a variety of disorders including:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Psychosomatic disorders
  • Chronic disease
  • Hypertension
  • Asthma
  • Chronic pain
  • PTSD/trauma
  • Addiction

Yoga Classes in Jupiter, FL

The practice of Yoga helps relieve suffering and obtain a healthy body and calm mind. As long as you can breathe, you can do yoga! Every “body” is different.

Dr. Kathy is a LifeForce Yoga® practitioner, teaching yoga classes in Jupiter, Florida. She incorporates the use of sound (mantra, singing, chanting), movement (asana), imagery (bhavana), and intention (sankalpa). As a result, her incorporation allows her to assist clients in mood management and daily self-care.  Dr. Kathy’s daily practice of LifeForce Yoga® and the FUN™ Program assists in controlling allergies, chronic asthma, and ACOA issues. As a trauma survivor herself, her use of LifeForce Yoga® and the FUN™ Program allows her to remain resilient and strong in her own life, while attending to the needs of those who seek her services. In addition to teaching yoga classes at her studio in Jupiter, Dr. Kathy teaches yoga seminars around the country for yoga students and also teaches mental health and addiction professionals how to integrate portable yoga tools into their psychotherapy sessions.

  • Yoga for Funsters (children with special needs)
  • Yoga for Exceptional Teens
  • Yoga for Depression and Anxiety
  • Yoga for Recovery
  • Gentle Yoga for Older Adults
  • Yoga for Asthma
  • Pre- and Post-Natal Yoga Classes
  • Yoga for Athletes: Golf, Tennis, Runners, etc.
  • Yoga for Weight Loss
  • Private Lessons available

I AM Yoga Nidra™

Certified Facilitator

Learn Ageless Living

Yoga in Jupiter, FloridaAging is an inevitable part of life, but by regularly practicing yoga we can slow down this process, and remain healthy, vital and youthful well into our nineties. Join us for yoga therapy in Jupiter, Florida.

From improving blood circulation to increasing joint stability, there are many benefits to practicing yoga at any time in life. Stretching exercises loosen and lubricate all the major joints and ligaments, while certain poses will help you maintain your balance, eradicate those twinges and improve your overall posture. Furthermore, yoga can also help ease menopause symptoms, improve digestion, ease arthritis and reduce high blood pressure.

Man has the natural instinct to explore. Subsequently, yoga is the perfect forum through which to explore the inner workings of the body. Additionally, age is no barrier to yoga. In fact, according to yoga tradition, fifty is the ideal age to develop physically and spiritually because it is a stage in life when the children have grown, the mind naturally becomes more inward looking, and there is time to dedicate to the study and practice of yoga.

It is well documented that stress is linked to many medical conditions from migraine headaches, ulcers, alcohol and drug abuse, to diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and recovery from trauma. Yoga has shown to result in significant relief from a variety of challenges. Furthermore, it is perhaps the best overall stress reduction system known.

Yoga Nidra Chakra Workshops 2019

Diverse and Balanced

Yoga Therapy located in Jupiter, Florida, involves integrating the diverse practices to maximize health or ease emotional pain. Common tools used in yoga therapy include asana (physical postures standing, seated, on the mat) and pranayama (breathing exercises). Also included is meditation and mental imagery, mindful awareness, and

The word yoga, comes from the Sanskrit word “yui” which means to yoke or bind. Thus, it is often used with the word “union” or as a form of discipline. In Yoga Therapy the practices of yoga are applied to individuals with a variety of health conditions, both physical and emotional. Every individual is different based on anatomy, physiology, genetics, culture, religion, and personal history. Therefore, Yoga Therapy is individualized for persons seeking a holistic approach to living in balance (mind, body, and spirit).

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