Please remember:  The time set aside by you and the therapist is self care time for you.  As a part of the commitment to therapy, verified by your signature, and your initials on the consent to treat form, you are responsible for making, keeping, remembering, and paying for each scheduled appointment (individual/family/group/couples/workshop).  If you know it is impossible for you to keep an appointment, please provide 48 hours notice in advance BY PHONE as sometimes it is not possible to read emails, and to avoid misunderstandings.  If you do not notify or cancel within this time frame you will be billed full fee for the missed appointment (insurance does not pay for missed appointments). Regarding emails/texts, please keep messages short or a fee will be applied to read and respond to your concerns. If you are sick, have been exposed to an illness or are taking antibiotics, please do not come to the office.  Zoom, phone, or Facetime sessions are available.