Reviews for Dr. Kathy

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Reviews for Dr. Kathy

YogaFun™ Nidra on Zoom!

“Dear Dr. Kathy, I just want to pass on these words to you about the Zoom Nidra class. I have sat through similar sessions like the one you did yesterday. However, I found yours to be the most comfortable and comforting. I felt I was in the hands of someone who truly knew her way around this. It was “top-notch” for lack of a more spiritual way of putting it.”


I highly recommend seeing Dr. Shafer.

I have been going to her for several years and will continue to do so for many more. Her expertise is valuable as well as her passion for what she does. Dr. S is great! ????

Anonymous (Palm Beach Gardens, FL)

Bravo Kathy! Excellent & Fluid!

You both covered a considerable amount of material with significant background information and progressed from basics to the tip of clinical depth in a relatively smooth progression. Having only a minor insight into the benefits of mindfulness in reducing stress and mapping a pathway for integrative living, the grounds you both covered whetted some of our appetites for more! An extraordinary overview with enough connection to stimulate a desire for more! Thank you. A far cry from the “Brief Therapy” course you presented at Hanley decades ago! We are destined to meet I have some photographs of you buried in my archive from a Moments of Change Conference where you bonded with a Yoga Teacher and I think you two were off to India! For intensive study Bravo Kathy! Excellent & Fluid!

- Allen S Schwartz

Dr. Kathy Shafer is a LifeForce yoga practitioner who incorporates these Yoga skills into the clinical setting.

Dr.Shafer has worked alongside me, training LifeForce Yoga Practitioners at places like Kripalu Center and Sivananda Ashram. I have watched with admiration as, with compassion, she guides her clients and students into a deeper level of self-awareness. Her profound understanding of the philosophical principles of yoga and her clinical skills manifest in a light-hearted, upbeat approach to healing. I am grateful to call her a colleague and friend.

- Amy Weintraub, Founder of LifeForce Yoga, author of Temple Dancer, Yoga Skills for Therapists and Yoga for Depression

Dr. Kathryn Shafer has earned the best score possible as my personal therapist.

It feels as though you are communicating with a good friend so you naturally feel totally at ease saying whatever you need or want to say. Of course, she is welcoming, knowledgable, intelligent, and extremely informative. She imparts seemingly small things like quips or poems or sayings that you simply take in at that moment…..but when the lightbulb (no, FLOODLIGHT) finally goes off in your head it is always a “WOW“ kind of moment. Kathy Shafer has helped me to see my personal life situations from different perspectives that has helped me be more accepting and understanding. I first went to see her as a “scared of everything” kind of person who worried about everything but now I’m more of the “bring it on, I can handle it and do what is necessary” kind of person. Big step in the right direction and it was Dr. Kathryn Shafer who got me there. Thank you so much, doc. ????

- Jonette K.

Inspires me to live my best life.

The first time I met Dr. Shafer, I knew I wanted to become a client of hers. Her genuine and caring personality was one of the first things I saw in her. Her professionalism and knowledge, along side her zest for life inspires me to “live my best life”. I am lucky to have found Dr. Shafer and learn from her. I look forward to every appointment knowing I will leave with new tools for life!

- Liza O.

Gifted, kind, insightful.

Dr Shafer is gifted, kind and insightful. No nonsense and to the point in her analysis. If you are really looking for a solution or answer? Call!

- Mike C.

Most caring and fun therapists ever!

Dr. Shafer is one of the most caring and fun therapists ever. We connected from the first meeting and have been building and deepening our relationship ever since.She is a true blessing.

Stephany M.

Highly Recommend

I love …great therapist…I highly recommend from personal experience

Iris R.

Highly Recommend Attending These Workshops

For beginners and experienced yoga practitioners alike, the workshop is great for everyone! Both Dr. Shafer and Dr. Tebb are extremely passionate presenters, and they clearly care a lot about bringing yoga practices into mental health. And they have an abundance of knowledge and experience! I learned a great deal from their hands-on approach, and I have already incorporated these yoga experiences into my personal and professional practice. I would highly recommend attending their workshops!

- Doug B.

Kind, caring, compassionate.

Kathy Shafer is a kind, caring, compassionate person and an excellent therapist. She is able to help you be comfortable in your own skin and find your own center. She gives you the tools to look inside for your own answers and is right there with you when you need her.

- Robin T.

Dr Shafer is an excellent therapist!

I liked that we set goals for treatment, and work toward them! I always want the “bottom line truth” which she provides. I have made many positive changes in my life with her help!

- Suellen S.

Dr. Shafer is a caring and compassionate therapist.

She genuinely supports you through life’s biggest challenges. Her goal and priority is always getting you on the right path to overall well being. If you’re looking for a therapist that is honest, knowledgeable, and supportive, than look no further than Dr. Shafer!

- Yin

Love this women!

She is the best, nicest therapist, before, during and after her fight with Cancer. She was there always, as best and when she could be. Love this women!

- Cynthia M.