Behavior therapy through visualization techniques

Mental & Guided Imagery for Healing

Mental & guided imagery for healing is the language used by the mind to communicate with the body (the mind speaking to us in pictures). Learn how to open the door to your inner expert and take back control for a happier, healthier you.


Guided Imagery for Healing

This ancient, self-empowering, healing technique can be used on your own or with the supervision of an experienced guide.

Unlike hypnosis, which puts you in a deeply relaxed state that causes you to be open to the suggestions of others, imagery enlivens you. When you engage in imagery, you feel relaxed on the outside yet more alert and awake on the inside. Mental imagery gives you a sense of great control and awareness.

Mental imagery has many extraordinary benefits, such as its ability to create healing changes in a very short period of time and ease of use (you can do it anywhere). Just a minute or two of imagery can have a positive effect.

Guided Imagery for Healing

Tapping into the power of imagination

Imagination is more important than knowledge, for knowledge is limited while imagination embraces the entire world. – Albert Einstein

At the core of every image, is a picture, and every picture is worth a thousand words. The tree, the lake, the sky appear in our minds instantaneously, yet to each of use they may appear different.

What you see imparts a feeling and reveals your beliefs. These feelings can be calming or energizing, disturbing or painful. Whatever you see and feel holds value for you, even when it is unsettling.

Imagery gives you the opportunity to observe, change, and consciously choose your beliefs, thoughts, and feelings, without discussion or analysis, thereby saving yourself time and a great deal of unnecessary worry while creating immediate benefits.

When you enter the world of your imagination, there are no rules, no diagnoses or prognoses, no limitations or any kind.

Questions about mental imagery

Is mental imagery only used for changing mental behavior?

No. In fact, I was first introduced to mental imagery as a young adult after suffering years as a severe asthmatic. I was skeptical at first, but had tried everything at this point. So I opened my mind, did the work, and within a month I was off oral medications and down to one inhaler.

You can learn more about my story by reading Choosing Life: A Journey From Victim to Victor.

Is practicing mental imagery hard?

The practice of imagery is simple and direct.

Dr. Kathy can help you learn to use mental imagery as a tool for creating change. It just takes practice, focus, intention, and a commitment to be present and in the moment. The best part is that you can practice from anywhere at any time.