Meet Dr. Kathy

Certified as an EMDR, Brainspotting, addiction professional, relationship specialist, and yoga therapist, Dr. Kathy is a known expert for teens, adults, couples, and families impacted by crisis, loss, and painful life events.  Sessions are conducted live or virtually from her office in Jupiter, Florida. She is on the front line to help alleviate the emotional impact, stress, and overwhelm from the tragedy, DUI, and arrests requiring mandated and court ordered counselling. Dr. Kathy is also provides crisis intervention and stabilization, Marchman Act evaluations, as well as debriefing/self-care skills for first responders. Equally important she is an author, and provides training for mental health professionals, executives, and staff on corporate and workplace wellness. She is a Qualified Supervisor and CEU provider.

Kathryn C. Shafer Holistic Counseling Jupiter
Kathryn C. Shafer Holistic Counseling Jupiter

The FUN™ therapist

Dr. Shafer completed her doctorate designing an international substance abuse training during the collapse of the former Soviet Union. Other international and training efforts a study abroad program for students in Costa Rica, and as a consultant for a residential addiction program in Nicaragua, and on the ground floor with start-ups here in Florida.  She remains a consultant and trainer for staff, and is a qualified supervisor and coach providing advanced consultations about EMDR, Brainspotting, and complex trauma.

She teaches yoga therapy for all ages groups including yoga nidra classes at her office which can be attended live or by zoom. Dr. Shafer completed her Asthanga Yoga Teacher training in Mysore, India. Her forensic work includes custody evaluations on parenting, parental alienation, domestic violence, and for older adults desiring to remain independent.

Creating the Fun™ program (after being hit by a drunk driver while running) for her first book Asthma Free in 21 Days, she is a cognitive behavioral and somatic therapist. Integrating conventional and alternative practices, she utilizes evidence based practices in her clinical work with clients.  Her second book providing advanced evidenced based practices and examples of her work will be published in November 2024. Stay tuned for trainings and retreats about her latest work in 2025.

Education about behavioral lifestyle self-care such as Ayurveda, eating habits, exercise, stress management, healthy (non-reactive) relationships are her comprehensive approach for mindbody health. There are bimonthly groups for women, men, and a coed recovery group for persons committed to sobriety. Yoga (private and group classes) at her office and are taught by Dr. Shafer and a variety of other yoga teachers. Zoom and telehealth therapy are options are also available to participate in these sessions.

Achievements in the Community

In her career as a certified addiction professional and mental health professional, Dr. Shafer was among a team of professionals that launched and created the first Chemical Dependency residential treatment center in New York City called Stuyvesant Square at Beth Israel Medical Center, as well as other centers in the United States and abroad.

She conducts private interventions to help families obtain treatment for addicted loved ones (Marchman Act, or refusal to get help).  She also provides assessments for Employee Assistance Programs regarding performance concerns, temporary disability, recommendations on returning to work, or evaluations on special needs. As a certified yoga therapist addressing physical issues she can provide private sessions for modify exercise when faced with chronic pain, or changes due to an injury or aging.

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Kathryn C. Shafer Holistic Counseling Jupiter
Kathryn C. Shafer Holistic Counseling Jupiter