Dr. Shafer leads group therapy for women, and persons in recovery from the addictions. The Women’s Therapy Group provides a private, safe, supportive, and comforting community for women to address and disclose personal issues they feel they may not or cannot discuss elsewhere. What is shared in these sacred circles include incidents about trauma, domestic violence, work issues, mood disorders, aging, parenting, legal problems, divorce, new life partner, and being alone. In the Addiction Recovery Group, members are encouraged to attend 12 step meetings, but it is not required. The members of the co-ed recovery group, while working on a program of recovery and adhering to abstinence, meet to address issues related to codependency, what behaviors or actions to take when triggered to use drugs and alcohol, disordered eating, gambling, sex and porn addiction, gaming, shopping and Internet addiction.

Advantages to Group Therapy

The wisdom gained in professionally led psychotherapy groups is to learn to show up, be responsible, develop ways to socialize with others, and how to receive and accept constructive feedback from the other group members.  By considering the different shared observations from others, clients experiment and practice the new communication skills they are learning.  Furthermore, in the group meeting without fear of being judged, compared to, or competing with, group members learn what to say and when, diverse perspectives on how to say it, setting boundaries, and learning what not to say.

Group therapy assures members they are not alone. Sharing experiences provides the opportunity to receive support and give support to others.  The bonding that occurs among group members from hearing different points of view on their situation, is prevalent in the sensing and knowing that others "have got their back."  Additionally, group members can copy and try the successful behaviors of others who have been through similar circumstances, learning new ways to respond instead of reacting.