Relax and recline during YogaFun(TM) Nidra! Refresh, reset, and recharge the chakras and your brainbody as Dr. Kathy guides you through a transformative energetic journey of healing for the whole body. All you have to do is show up, lie down, and receive self care-no talking or movement required. During this FUN(TM) hour, the practice of yoga nidra is designed to relieve stress, control addictive cravings, and calm the reactive mind. Here shift happens!


 Why Practice Yoga?


Learn ageless living

Aging is an inevitable part of life, but by regularly practicing yoga we can slow down this process, and remain healthy, vital and youthful well into our nineties. Join us for yoga therapy in Jupiter, Florida.

From improving blood circulation to increasing joint stability, there are many benefits to practicing yoga at any time in life. Stretching exercises loosen and lubricate all the major joints and ligaments, while certain poses will help you maintain your balance, eradicate those twinges and improve your overall posture. Furthermore, yoga can also help ease menopause symptoms, improve digestion, ease arthritis and reduce high blood pressure.


Man has the natural instinct to explore. Subsequently, yoga is the perfect forum through which to explore the inner workings of the body. Additionally, age is no barrier to yoga. In fact, according to yoga tradition, fifty is the ideal age to develop physically and spiritually because it is a stage in life when the children have grown, the mind naturally becomes more inward looking, and there is time to dedicate to the study and practice of yoga.


It is well documented that stress is linked to many medical conditions from migraine headaches, ulcers, alcohol and drug abuse, to diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and recovery from trauma. Yoga has shown to result in significant relief from a variety of challenges. Furthermore, it is perhaps the best overall stress reduction system known.


Diverse and balanced

YogaFun™ therapy located in Jupiter, Florida, involves integrating the diverse practices to maximize health or ease emotional pain.


Common tools used in YogaFun™ therapy include asana (physical postures standing, seated, on the mat) and pranayama (breathing exercises). Also included is meditation and mental imagery, mindful awareness, and diet.


The word yoga, comes from the Sanskrit word “yui” which means to yoke or bind. Thus, it is often used with the word “union” or as a form of discipline.


In YogaFun™ therapy the practices of yoga are applied to individuals with a variety of health conditions, both physical and emotional.


Every individual is different based on anatomy, physiology, genetics, culture, religion, and personal history. Therefore, YogaFun™ therapy is individualized for persons seeking a holistic approach to living in balance (mind, body, and spirit). 


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Fun Program
Dr. Kathy Shafer investigated how western and alternative medicine can be used together to address many medical, stress, addiction, and mood disorders. She then wrote her book to account for her own recovery from trauma and managing the diagnosis of asthma. Dr. Shafer documents the role of the mind and body in healing. Her journey included co-authoring the following book “Asthma Free in 21 Days,” which is the home of the FUN™ program and can be used for “dis-ease” and to achieve a mind-body balance.