Intuitive Life Coaching

Everybody can benefit from getting support, and suggestions on how to reinvent, create, or declare a new direction in life to accomplish results in the present. Sometimes, you just need a little help with intuitive life coaching to get started.


Intuitive Life Coaching

As a private life coach, licensed and seasoned therapist in Jupiter, Dr. Kathy listens very carefully to all you want to tell her, and helps you identify “why” certain behavioral patterns keep appearing, and “how” to establish goals to end this.

Additionally, she will provide guidance to help you target what matters most for you to focus on now. Her approach to coaching in each session emphasizes mindful self-regulation skills, and attention for objectives and solutions that will work in the client’s daily life. Putting on this “spotlight”, together you and Dr. Shafer will utilize her expertise as a life coaching to prioritize and determine what action is needed to obtain results now.

Intuitive Life Coaching

Chain Analysis

In the chain analysis, you and Dr. Shafer will determine what skill set needs to be learned in order to ensure you reach the identified goals you want to accomplish.

As a life coach, her unique cutting-edge use of the FUN™ Program helps you learn how to take charge, identify, and strengthen the skills you may already possess.

When this is accomplished, Dr. Shafer will ignite the confidence and motivation in you to do something different.

While her expertise and training as a life coach can help you “see” how the past has influenced the present, as a FUN™ coach, Dr. Shafer helps you focus on results, undo patterns creating obstacles, and identify what needs to change.

The positive psychology strategies she combines with the FUN™ program will help you determine and clarify what behavior patterns are causing clients (that is you!) to get in their own way of their path to success.

Life coaching for new behaviors

Rehearsing new behaviors is crucial. Insight is an important first step for launching and accomplishing new goals, however as a life coach, Dr. Kathy will provide you direct guidance on how to engage the task at hand and provide you in-session opportunities to practice.

Conditioned emotional responses such as shame, guilt, anticipatory anxiety or other out of control emotions or irrational beliefs can become obstacles for opportunities in the present.

Dr. Kathy will help you discover what these “trigger” reactions are, help you develop a new sense of control over events, and develop a plan to allow your responses for new learning and self-care actions and behaviors to occur.