The FUN™ Program

Advances in traditional medicine focus on physical symptom relief and stabilization. In contrast, complementary or integrative practices improve and often heal physical, emotional, and spiritual health. These approaches are not alternatives to traditional medical practices. However, they offer patients additional techniques that will transform and enhance their lives.

Designed by Dr. Kathryn C. Shafer

Limitless Potentials, Inc., located in Jupiter, provides a holistic approach for living in balance through counseling and therapist services for persons in Palm Beach County seeking balance in mind, body, and spirit. What makes the counseling and therapy services offered different? It's the combination of psychotherapy services (individual, group, family), mind-body exercises, and movement therapies. The techniques Dr. Shafer provides are simple, direct, and FUN™ tools for immediate shifts in thinking and action. Techniques she utilizes include the use of mental imagery, dream reading, and incorporating the use of the FUN™ program. These tools assist individuals, families, teenagers, and couples in the mind-body approach for living.

Who can use the FUN™ Program?

Everybody! Individuals (including Dr. Shafer) have used this method to successfully shift habits and heal emotional and physical imbalances.  The program allow participants to transform the life long habits of thinking and behavior that express themselves in physical and emotional distress.  The mind-body unity created with the FUN™ program permits remarkable healing to occur.  By practicing the FUN™ approach to healing, the mind will reveal its power to generate physical health and emotional well-being.  The connection between how we think, and what we are feeling in our bodies leads to transformation.  The is the core of the FUN™ Program.


When you bring the body and do “the work” the mind will follow — here change is limitless! (It’s not how much you think, it’s what happens when you do).

Imagine all you can do!

The FUN™ Program can
help you

Learn about the Dis-Ease concept of mind-body distress

Obtain diverse options to address specific emotional and medical challenges

Meet “The Committee” and identify beliefs creating obstacles and engaging “them.”

Implement transformative language to cope and respond with life challenges.

Understand addictive behaviors that accelerate aging.

Engage the mind in life changing exercises to eliminate and control stress.