How EMDR works

What is EMDR Consultation:

Once you have received an EMDRIA-approved basic EMDR training, it is recommended you complete the 10 group consultation hours with an EMDRIA-approved consultant. Completing the 10 hours of consultation means you have completed basic training in EMDR, will receive a certificate of completion, and then can go on to become certified in EMDR if you wish. 



During the consultation you will develop your knowledge and confidence in:


 •Case Formulation and treatment planning


•The Adaptive Information Processing Model

•Using standard and alternative EMDR procedures

EMDR Certification

Once you complete basic training in EMDR, the certification process (visit the EMDRIA web site for requirements), you will be provided with advanced consultation for complex cases. 

You can also obtain consultation from Dr. Kathy to discuss challenges encountered and to process transference issues. Therapist, take care of yourself! Sometimes it can be helpful to just talk about how things are going for you and your therapy toolbox!




In addition, during certification you will strengthen your skills and demonstrate your understanding of:


•Developing Resources and affect tolerance.


•Recognizing and restructuring defenses.


•Assessing and working with structural dissociation