Individual Therapy

Know this…you are about to embark on a journey for you and your life. If you are seeking out and searching for a professional psychotherapist, coach, guide, or mentor, you are doing this with tremendous strength and courage…not weakness.

Getting help could mean the difference between life and death.


Jupiter Psychologist

When you are overwhelmed and can’t think straight, feel stuck, or find yourself repeating the same behaviors over and over, expecting things to change and they don’t, working with a privately trained and licensed consultant can help.

You will have the opportunity to reflect on and gain new insight into your life, determine what changes, if any, may be helpful, and the steps to take to make this happen. You’ve come this far and you know you have the ability to live in emotional balance, yet life, situations, stress, habits, achievements, circumstances, and the need to excel in everything, may have gotten in the way.

Holistic Mental Health Counseling

Individual Therapy – Holistic Mental Health Counseling

It is important to know that “miracles” can and do happen. That is, the problems or issues that bring you here, may be solved immediately. It can appear that just by making that phone call the solution appears automatically. Single session, individual therapy can be very enlightening!

However, in order to understand the complex human experience, some problems or issues take more time and energy. They may require an examination of beliefs, how energy is blocked or flowing through the body, behavior and habits, and influences of the environment. Our sessions together will help you reflect on the best and worst of times, and create the vision of the future life you are in the process of building.

Remember, developing healthy habits for sustained mental health, relapse prevention, and deep healing is greatly dependent upon your commitment to the therapy process.

That is, what you share in the individual therapy session, and your motivation to do “the work.” Moreover, discussing your insights, successes, and struggles during the individual therapy session are key to what you accomplish…what brings you here.

Always raise any questions or concerns you may have about the therapy journey, the topics addressed here, or issues raised during the therapy session.

Dr Shafer is an excellent therapist!

“I liked that we set goals for treatment, and work toward them! I always want the “bottom line truth” which she provides. I have made many positive changes in my life with her help!”

Suellen S.

Courage. Commitment. Discipline.


The journey of individual therapy will serve as a guide for achieving emotional balance and physical health.

Choosing to make the time for these private sessions provides you the space and the time to reflect on what is happening in your life, gain new insights into the past, and open doors for reinventing your future.

Sometimes the process of self-inquiry, such as sharing difficult situations, memories, or "the unspeakable" during an individual therapy session can be frustrating or “feel” unsettling, uncomfortable, and sometimes embarrassing.

However, such experiences are a part of this heroic journey of the stages of change, transformation, and ultimately, the process of healing.

This is where the supportive, evolutionary use of somatic therapies, such as CBT, EMDR, DBT, EFT, mental imagery, and movement therapies such as YogaFunTM, are uniquely "prescribed" and provided for you.