Family Issues

Despite what you see on Social Media and reality TV, no "one" family is perfect. Even those families that seem to have everything together are dealing with pressures of some kind or another. So before you beat yourself up for whatever is happening in your family dynamic, congratulate yourself on taking the first step to getting your family back on track.
Keeping the family intact is not always easy in this day and age. Social media, technology in general, discontent, divorce, work, peer pressure, lack of self-worth - they all contribute to stress within your family unity. Addiction, depression, anxiety or stress within one or more of your family members can also cause strife.

Dr. Kathy can help.

Dr. Kathy Shafer offers family counseling - together or during individual sessions - but it does require the participation of all members in order to institute new patterns to end problematic behaviors. Court-mandated therapy is also available. Sessions may include:

  • Examination of crises and behavioral health habits
  • Identify coping skills or family “rules” used in the past
  • Determine if there is a development event (divorce, moves, conflicts between siblings, employment, etc.)
  • Explore communication styles, daily habits and family rituals to identify how problems are created and managed

The goal is to create a set of new rules and tools that help the family communicate and manage conflict in a way that is non-violent, loving, respectful and mindful of others.

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Have Questions?

If you are struggling with your family dynamic, please consider giving us a call for a free consultation. Dr. Shafer treats families in a safe, non-threatening, comfortable environment (sometimes everyone cops a squat in the Yoga room) and her Therapy dog is almost always on-hand if needed.

People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. But people will never forget how you made them feel.