Dr. Kathryn Shafer has earned the best score possible as my personal therapist.

It feels as though you are communicating with a good friend so you naturally feel totally at ease saying whatever you need or want to say. Of course, she is welcoming, knowledgable, intelligent, and extremely informative. She imparts seemingly small things like quips or poems or sayings that you simply take in at that moment…..but when the lightbulb (no, FLOODLIGHT) finally goes off in your head it is always a “WOW“ kind of moment. Kathy Shafer has helped me to see my personal life situations from different perspectives that has helped me be more accepting and understanding. I first went to see her as a “scared of everything” kind of person who worried about everything but now I’m more of the “bring it on, I can handle it and do what is necessary” kind of person. Big step in the right direction and it was Dr. Kathryn Shafer who got me there. Thank you so much, doc. 🙂