Staying Happy, Healthy, and Sane While at Home

Staying Happy Healthy and Whole While Staying at Home

How do we cope with this pandemic that we have never experienced in our life time? The universe / god / goddess / Earth whatever you believe has placed us in shut down/slow down mode around the world.  We have collectively been put on notice to stop and pay attention.  What is the message for…

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Dr. Kathy Shafer Tells Her Story in Palm Beach Post Feature

Dr. Kathy Shafer was recently interviewed and featured in the Palm Beach Post to talk about her journey with cancer and how it affected her life as a woman and a therapist, specifically, how she managed her recovery using Yoga, Meditation, Massage, and yes, therapy! Even therapists need help and the Sari Center was vital…

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Be Your Own Loving Parent

Be Your Own Loving Parent by Dr Kathy Shafer Jupiter Therapist

Parents and caregivers spend an extraordinary amount of time taking care of both the physical and emotional needs of others, especially children. The whole concept of loving ourselves is often ignored and our own personal needs and feelings are put on hold. It’s not typically a conscious act, but this type of self-neglect can have…

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Vibrating Health Through The Chakras (Part 3 of 3)

Vibrating Health Through the Chakras

Clearing the whirlpools of energetic vibration with movement is what purifies the chakra system. By releasing physical tension, you transform thought patterns or beliefs that hold this tension in place. Even 10 minutes of daily yoga, movement, or some type of contemplative practice increases stress resilience, reduces anxiety, and teaches how to refrain from engaging…

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Relationship Between Trauma and Chakra Energies (Part 2 of 3)

Relationship Between Trauma and Chakra Energies

The following is a brief overview that provides introductory information to help you appreciate the relationship between trauma and chakra energy. Imagine the seven chakra wheels as spinning vibrations of energy that contain certain physical, mental, and spiritual content. This article breaks down the function of each chakra, and the yoga pose that can energize…

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Understanding Chakras (Part 1 of 3)

Science Behind Understanding Chakras

Chakras are Prana or Energy that flows through the spinal column. When the chakra is cleared, Prana moves freely without obstruction. Yoga is a practice that unites the mindbody and breath where the purifying movements burn stored up tension. Emotions, whether you are conscious of them or not, motivate behaviors. Fear, safety, sadness, relief, anger,…

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Role of Yoga in Anxiety or Depression Therapy

The Role of Yoga in Anxiety and Depression Therapy

If you’re not already into the practice of Yoga, you may roll your eyes at the thought of getting into a downward facing dog pose (or wonder what the heck that is) while you’re in the middle of therapy. But believe it or not, there is a deep connection between the core concepts of Yoga…

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Spring into Action

OK SunFest is almost over and it will be Summer soon!  Time to get back on track with your self care schedule now!  Check out the new Yoga schedule at Limitless and we are welcoming a new male teacher Dakota who is taking on Jillian’s classes. There are classes every day at various times to…

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Yoga for coping and healing from Cancer, Trauma, Depression, Family Discord, Anger Management and extreme stress.

Life can be difficult at times and when it is there are tools that can help.  Research, neuroscience, and countless self help books validate that unresolved, repressed, even events that have been “dealt with” in psychotherapy often endure.  Symptoms can range from chronic fatigue, mood swings, anxiety and panic attacks, physical pain, and “numbing out”…

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Yoga for Cancer Survivors and Oh S___ Yoga!

Join Dr. Kathy ( a stage 3 breast Cancer survivor) on Fridays April 29th, May 27th, an June 17th from 5:30 to 7:00PM.  Learn FUN™ Power Tools for coping with the Cancer diagnosis and treatment. Cost is $30. Stay tuned for flyer and registration information. Also the yogi inspired Oh SH___ Yoga on Wednesdays:  4/27,…

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